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Zirconia has become a competitive alternative for all ceramic restorations for crown and bridge.

A milling procedure is the only reliable method to fabricating zirconia restorations, but not all milling machines are meant for dentistry. Amann Girrbach is a company that is of dental root, that specifically manufactures dental materials & equipment which translates into precision and reliable outcomes. Ceramill features high strength, rigidity, biocompatibility and aesthetics. The presintered zirconia blanks have a particularly high flexural strength of up to 1200 MPa and can be processed without any problem thanks to their optimum edge stability. Ceramill is ideal for indications for fixed and removable prosthetic restorations such as crowns and bridges in the anterior and posterior regions, telescope and conical crowns, customized abutments on titanium bases and multiple-unit, screw-retained restorations on titanium bases.

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