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Crown & Bridges

Our dental lab provides full range solution for single and multiple teeth restoration projects

Every Crown and Bridge restoration, zirconia and metal, is fabricated on-site, thus we have full control over every step of the production. We take great pride in knowing that no one else is in charge of our work and we assume full responsibility for it.

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Porcelain fused to zirconia

When it comes to aesthetics PFZs are exceptionally beautiful with multi-layered porcelain. It can replace PFMs and are translucent to natural light. Our certified zirconia is milled with high precision for superior quality consistency and accuracy. For implant cases we fabricate screw retained crowns and bridges.

Full (monolithic) zirconia

Unsurpassed strength and fracture free full zirconia crown can be fabricated with minimal prep reduction (1.0 mm ideal but can accept less). It is also highly translucent with life-like stains.  For implant cases we fabricate full zirconia screw retained crowns and bridges.


Veneers offer solutions to close diastemas and to improve alignment, and shade. We offer zirconia veneers that can be done with minimal prep. Zirconia veneers offer more stable margins higher strength but just as aesthetic as any other all ceramic veneering systems.

Diagnostic Wax-Ups

A professional 3D solution that allows visualize the realistic outcome for specific patient, it serves as a visual reference to present the expected outcome and identify the specific areas that require attention. Specifically intended for use in planning and communication between dentist, dental technician and the client. We offer full contour, presentation, basic diagnostic and orthodontic wax-up solutions.

Porcelain fused to metal

PFMs have excellent strength and with premium multi-layered porcelain the outcome of the aesthetics is incredible. PFMs require more reduction for optimum aesthetics. They are available in non-precious, noble and high noble alloys.

Full metal restorations

Single crowns & bridges, 3/4 crowns, inlays/onlays, posts are known for their marginal integrity and longevity. They offer predictable and stable outcomes, are fracture free and certified bio-compatible.

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