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Diagnostic Wax-Ups

We offer full contour, presentation, basic diagnostic and orthodontic wax-up solutions

we offer a professional 3D solution that allows visualize the realistic outcome for specific patient, it completes the role of visual reference to present the expected outcome and identifying the specific areas requiring attention. Specifically intended for use in planning and communication between dentist, dental technician and the client.

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  • Commitment to Service

    We strongly believe that open communication is the key to a successful business relationship... 

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    We firmly believe that quality stems from individual integrity. That is why we employ technicians who are not only exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable but also passionate about their profession.

  • Commitment to Providing Results

    At Roshen, we believe as health-care providers, every restoration must meet strict standards and have a personal touch.

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    For you to see and feel the quality of Roshen, you must experience it yourself. All we ask is an opportunity to show you our potential.

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